Our Centennial Mission 

Father_PeterIn the fall of 2014, we will begin our centennial anniversary celebration. Our parish has a long history. As all of us know, our history is about much more than the buildings that house our ministry. Our history is one of a strong, faith-filled Catholic community sharing the warm and welcoming love of Christ with one another, and with those outside our parish. We are a geographically and ethnically diverse parish. As always, we celebrate coming together as one in Christ.

It is with much excitement, enthusiasm, and confidence that we begin our centennial anniversary by launching Our Centennial Mission capital appeal. As parishioners did in the past, we now continue to work and sacrifice together to assure that Saint Margaret Mary remains the vital parish that it is today. This sharing of our gifts of time, talent, and treasure will demonstrate that Christ is at work within our lives and our parish family.

Together as a Catholic community of faithful stewards, we move forward with Our Centennial Mission capital appeal to address our needs. Through this appeal we can both honor our cherished past and build our future by working in concert together for the sake of generations to come.

Through our common bond of faith in Christ, faith in our Church and School, and faith in our many ministries, we can make a difference. I urge your participation in this challenging and momentous endeavor. Take your place with parishioners who have gone before you, embrace their caring vision and help provide for the current and future needs of our parish family.

From the founding vision for Saint Margaret Mary Parish to the present, thousands of faithful Catholics have built something special here. May God bless us today as He blessed those who have gone before us; and ultimately may God abundantly bless the work entrusted to us all.

Let us move together as one body in Christ!

With Franciscan peace and goodness,

Fr. Peter Sarnicki, OFM Conv.

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Our Leadership Team

We are thankful for the dedicated members of our parish who are giving of their time and talent to help make the Our Centennial Mission a success.

Bob Armstrong
Brian Balduf
Chris Cimaglio
Matt Denman
Grzegorz (Greg) Dobek
Shannon Kaminski
Dan & Christine Limbach
Pat Mangum
Connie McDonough
Cyndi Mobeck
Larry & Julie O’Brien
Lora Olenek
Randy & Patti Pedretti
Dave & Mary Philipps
Ken & Ingrid Prigge
Tom & Sally Quinlan
Rob & Christine Retzer
Fr. Peter Sarnicki
Clare Titus
Denis & Sandy Wiener
Michelle Wuensch

Many other members of our parish are serving in a variety of Appeal roles. We thank them all for their service! 

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