What is the Centennial Mission Appeal?

In the fall of 2014, we will begin Saint Margaret Mary Parish’s yearlong centennial anniversary celebration. To kick off this multi-faced fete, we are launching the Our Centennial Mission appeal, which will strengthen and spiritually grow our faith community. As we look back on our first one hundred years, we recognize that we have much for which to thank God. Through this parish appeal, we will honor those parishioners who came before us, stay focused on the need for prayer, and plan for the future.

The parish has created a Core Team of dedicated volunteers to lead the Our Centennial Mission effort. In this appeal process, we ask everyone to consider their role as a Catholic steward—a person who receives God’s gifts and uses them to serve others. If you have any questions regarding the appeal, you may contact any of the Core Team members listed below.


What are the Goals of the Appeal?

Debt Elimination
During our Feasibility Study, we confirmed overwhelming support for debt elimination. In addition, the Diocese approved an appeal that would require 80 percent of all funds raised, above and beyond our Diocesan Stewardship Appeal obligation, to be allocated to debt elimination. Paying off our debt will not only help provide maximum financial stability for Saint Margaret Mary Parish’s current and future generations, but also allow us to strategically plan the use of our finances, and address our current restoration needs. Our goal is to eliminate our $1.9 million debt by the end of the three-year Our Centennial Mission fund appeal.

Diocesan Stewardship Appeal
Our 2014 Diocesan apportionment—based on annual offertory collections, not the number of parishioners—is estimated to be $140,000. It is simpler and more efficient to combine the 2014 DSA with the Our Centennial Mission appeal rather than to run two separate campaigns. Future DSA obligations will not be covered by Our Centennial Mission appeal revenues.

Sanctuary and Chapel Renovations
As we embark on our next one hundred years, we want to both address our current needs and create a long-lasting legacy. The celebration of Mass is the foundation of our Catholic Faith; therefore, providing a dignified and reverent sanctuary is a wonderful gift to current and future parishioners. We plan to:

  • Replace the sanctuary’s current floor, which is cracked and deteriorating
  • Update the sanctuary’s furniture
  • Refurbish the baptismal font
  • Move the tabernacle to a more prominent place in the sanctuary
  • Replace the doors between the sanctuary and the chapel to provide a more pleasing appearance, better sound proofing, and chapel availability for Eucharistic adoration

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How much do we hope to raise?

The Feasibility Study reported that we have the opportunity to secure between $2.1 million and $2.5 million in gifts. While this is our goal for the appeal, the amount of gifts and pledges we receive will determine the number of projects we are able to accomplish.


What am I being asked to consider?

In support of the Our Centennial Mission appeal, all parishioners are asked to pray and sincerely consider one of the three options listed below. Gifts to the Our Centennial Mission appeal are OVER and ABOVE your already generous annual contributions to Saint Margaret Mary Parish.


How can I help make this appeal a success?

  • By prayerfully responding to God’s gift of love with your generous gifts.
  • By attending one of our two Advance Gathering meetings on April 30th or May 4th for those interested in making an early commitment to the appeal.
  • By joining us on Invitation-to-Prayer Weekend, May 17 and 18. After a brief presentation, you will receive an appeal packet which will contain additional information, including your three-year campaign commitment form.
  • By returning your commitment form on Commitment Weekend, May 31st and June 1st. If you are unable to be with us in Mass, please return your commitment form in the envelope provided to the parish office.
  • By praying for God’s blessings upon our appeal and considering how God is leading you to respond to our appeal.


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